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Everything has a journey, whether it be a business, a dog, you, or even something as simple as a leaf, budding from a tree and one day blowing away, perhaps landing in the ocean and travelling to Japan! The point being, everything starts from something small and transforms at one point or another. 

When Laxylu started, I knew in my heart and mind what I wanted to achieve and what I wanted the business to be. I never set out to have a jewelry business, the path just WENT here organically,  that’s another blog post for the future of how Laxylu began. I decided to one day sit at my computer, close my eyes, and type random things. Each time, I’d open my eyes and hope it would be a cool and catchy name in front of me, something to spark some creativity in my mind for a *sweet* and memorable business name. That’s how Laxylu started, I basically typed with my eyes closed and a word sort of made sense, I went with it!

Laxylu started with resin pieces that were not bought, but handmade and turned into jewelry using molds and all sorts of fun stuff to put into the resin. This was fun for a while, then some other pieces of jewelry joined the group and Laxylu grew a bit. Then one day, a new process was discovered. This process was called electroforming, intimidating at first, but the outcome was gorgeous. This brought Laxylu into the world of crystals, because who doesn’t love crystals!? For a while, I wanted to change the name of the business to something more suitable, more of the style of where the business was heading, this brought on Indie Road. In case you don’t know, indie means ‘Independent’, I’m sure you’ve heard of Indie films, Indie music, etc. It’s also a lifestyle, those independent thinkers, those who don’t follow the crowd, those free spirits are a bit ‘indie’ sometimes.

That is how Indie Road came about. As bittersweet as it is to leave the old business name behind, it’s also a sign that the path is winding, and the road is getting bigger. Hey, Indie Road! Catch ya around, Laxylu.


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Indie Road