Copper is a natural metal the is ever-changing! This is a part of it's charm, but if you love the bright and shiny look and want to keep it, read further!  

None of Indie Roads rings are plated, we use 100% high grade copper, this is a great thing because you don't need to worry about the plate wearing down after a few months, you'll never need to re-plate. The only thing you need to do is polish it up from time to time. 

All of our jewelry is shipped off with several coats of professional jewelers seal. This seal is meant to delay oxidization, and it may actually prevent it permanently on parts of the jewelry that don't deal with much friction. However; the band of a ring is a high friction area and the seals wears off quickly here, you will notice certain areas of the jewelry will be a bit darker. The dark areas are where the seal has worn off, it's the reaction of the copper to the air. The dark areas are easily removed! *If you'd like to purchase a sealant for your ring, Protectaclear is a great sealer and can be purchased on Amazon. 

How to Clean/Polish: VINEGAR: This is very easy! Take a small cup or bowl, add a little bit of vinegar and submerge your jewelry completely. Let your jewelry soak for several minutes, when you're ready, pull the piece out and wipe it down with a washcloth while washing it with soap and water, you should see your piece is bright and shiny again! 

Alternate methods: Lemon juice can be substituted for vinegar. If you wish to skip the acidic soak method, Connoisseurs wipes work excellent and you can use them on the go. The wipes are available on Amazon and are also sold at big box stores.