Will copper turn my finger green? 

This happens to some, and not to others, there is no way to predict whether or not you will get a green smudge from your ring! A green finger is the coppers reaction to the acidity of your body, those with a high pH may experience greening. It is completely normal and is easily removed with soap and water. The best way to avoid greening is to remove your ring when showering or sleeping. You can also seal the ring to help prevent a green smudge, either with a jewelers seal (Protectaclear) or coating the inside of the band with a clear top coat. 


Can you resize my ring? 

Unfortunately, electroformed rings cannot be resized! The metal is grown around the stones in such a precise way that any changes to the band would damage the ring. If you need your ring resized, send us a message! 


Can I return/exchange? 

All custom orders are final sale. Any other orders can be exchanged or returned with 14 days. Please reach out if you have any issues with your order.